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This Color Extractor is free and provides you to use it unlimited times and get colors from image online.

Colors Palette

You can extract colors from image online. See the color lists of the image in the colors palette section.


All files uploaded by you will be automatically permanently erased from our servers after 2 hours.

Colors Code

Use the colors code anywhere extracted from the image. You can easily copy color code in HEX format.

User Friendly

This tool is designed for all users, advanced knowledge is not required. So, It's easy to extract colors.

Powerful Tool

You can access or use the Color Extractor online on the Internet using any browser from any operating system.

How to get HEX from image?

  1. First of all, select image on the get HEX from image tool.
  2. See the preview of image on the HEX color extractor.
  3. Now, you can see lots of colors palette and most used color.
  4. At last, copy the HEX color code from this extractor.

The simple way to get HEX color online by using this get HEX from image tool. You can simply get all the colors from image using get HEX from image tool. So, select image online that you wish to get HEX from image on the tool.

This tool is used to get all the colors from image on the get HEX from image tool. It’s the fastest option to get HEX colors using this get HEX from image tool. For getting colors, you have to select image file on the get HEX from image tool. You can now see the preview of image on the tool as well as the colors palette. See, all the colors palette extracted from image on the tool with the copy button. You can click on the copy button and easily copy that particular color. Now, use this best get HEX from image file and easily extract HEX colors from image file.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Select or drag and drop the image onto the extractor.
  2. Preview the chosen image file.
  3. View the list of colors extracted from the image.
  4. Now, you have the option to use extracted colors.

Yes, it's possible to extract multiple colors from the same image at the same time.

Yes, color extraction can be part of the process for background removal. By extracting and isolating the background color, it becomes easier to separate the foreground object from the rest of the image.

Yes, in most cases, you can save the extracted colors for later use or analysis. This is particularly useful for design projects where you want to maintain a consistent color palette.

Your uploaded files will be stored on our server for a duration of 2 hours. After this time, they will be automatically and permanently deleted.

Yes. All uploads utilize HTTPS/SSL and incorporate end-to-end encryption to enhance privacy. Your files are kept with the utmost security and privacy at We prioritize security and employ robust measures to safeguard your data, including encryption protocols and strict access controls. For more detailed information on our security practices, please refer to our Privacy and Security Policy.